Underfloor Heating


We can design and supply or we can offer a complete service from initial conception to completion. Not only can we design and supply your under floor heating system using top quality components, we can install as much or as little of the system as you want including the heat source be it a boiler or heat pump. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Underfloor heating in the UK is now widely accepted as the most desirable way to transfer heat into your home or workplace. This was not always the case and as little as ten years ago we very much had to “sell” the concept and benefits to prospective customers. The benefits still apply today and are listed below.


It has been proven that energy savings of 15-50% can be achieved with underfloor heating depending on the application. Energy efficiency is now everyone’s major concern and with the upsurge in use of low temperature heat sources (heat pumps), underfloor heating is the obvious choice. We can advise, design, specify, supply and install part or all of your heating system.


Underfloor heating is the most comfortable form of heating because it is largely radiant, it provides a near perfect temperature profile throughout each room with no hot or cold spots and eliminates dust laden draughts. Touch screen controls ensure each room is at the temperature you want, when you want it.


Unlike radiators, underfloor heating does not take up any wall space, nor does it make any of your valuable floor space unusable. In effect it gives you 15% more floor space compared to radiators coupled with complete freedom over your interior layout.

DESIGN – The basis of any good heating system is accurate design work.

This is particularly relevant to underfloor heating due to the difficulty in correcting mistakes once it has been installed. This is why all specifications and quotations are based on accurate room by room heat loss calculations. All design work is indemnified and guaranteed without limit of time giving the customer complete peace of mind.

Flowtech Heating will request a significant amount of information at the quotation stage; this enables us to provide you with the most accurate specification and price and also allows you to accurately size the required heat source(s). We will visit every job at the design stage to enable us to get the design and Customer requirements correct.

Every project is tailored to your own specific requirements and we will always pass on our knowledge and recommendations thus allowing you to make a fully informed decision. All our underfloor heating systems can be installed by highly skilled heating engineers who understand the whole heating system.


We offer a installation as part of our service. Due to the nature of Underfloor heating, once installed it is very difficult to change. For this reason it is essential that it is installed correctly first time.

We use only the best materials on underfloor projects. This coupled with comprehensive design and good installation provides the Customer with a job that they will be happy with and above all a warm, comfortable house.