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Oil Boiler Repairs, Servicing & Installation

We carry out professional Oil Boiler Repairs, Servicing and Installation For Holsworthy, Bude & beyond

If your boiler is not working please give us a call and we will repair your boiler.

We carry many parts for Oil boiler repairs and have an extensive knowledge of repairing oil boilers. If you have a problem please call on 01288 381530 or email flowtechheating@yahoo.co.uk and we will attend as soon as possible to get your boiler back up and running.

We Install Grant Boilers for the majority of our installations however we do also fit Firebird oil boilers. Both are reliable products with good warranties. We also now fit Hounsfield boilers. These are well made boilers from a small manufacturer.

All work is carried out in accordance with OFTEC (oil heating regulatory body) standards. 

Below is what we carry out on a service:

Preliminary examination:
Check with the customer whether there are any problems with the system.
Check the appliance location is suitable for the type of appliance.
Check the appliance for any damage before starting work on it.
Check for the correct operation of the appliance, including consumer controls and the safety devices.
Check the electrical wiring complies with electrical regulations.
Check for correct clearances from combustible materials.
Examine Oil supply pipework for correct installation and clearances.
Check for correct ventilation to the room containing the appliance.

Remove burner from the boiler.

  • Clean primary air combustion fan and housing.Replace burner nozzle
  • Clean electrodes
  • Check flame failure [photocell] operation and safety cut off.
  • Replace or clean oil filter/s
  • Clean all boiler flue ways up to and including the first flue bend.
  • Clean combustion space and baffles
  • Refit burner, fire up and test.
  • Carry out full combustion test and record results.
  • Check fire valves for correct operation.
  • Check room ventilation.
  • Check all electrical controls I.E. programmer/time switch and thermostats.
  • Check¬†oil tank filter element, if fitted,
  • Inspect the oil tank.
  • Check oil line for leaks

Servicing Benefits

  • Reduce the chance of a breakdown.
  • Improve boiler efficiency by up to 10%
  • Ensure that your boiler is operating safely
  • Check that your oil tank and oil supply system is safe.
  • Efficient burning of fuel oil.
  • Ensure carbon monoxide and soot are not produced during combustion.
  • Meet manufacturers maintenance and warranty requirements