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Gas Boiler Installation LPG & Natural Gas. All work is carried out by Gas Safe Registered Engineers

Gas Boiler Installation & Service Holsworthy to Bude & Beyond (LPG & Natural Gas)

  • Gas Boilers,  combi boilers, cast iron and condensing boilers
  • Water heaters including single and multi point
  • Cookers including hobs, free standing and built-in

Boiler Servicing

Gas Boiler Installation Holsworthy to Bude & Beyond. LPG & Natural Gas

We install gas boilers. We like Intergas boilers as they are very reliable however we will install the boiler that you want. If you would like a quotation for a replacement gas boiler please contact us and we will provide a no obligation quotation. We can recommend the best boiler option to suit your needs. LPG is a realistic option for heating off grid and is not much different in cost to the price of oil at the moment if you shop around.

Diagnose and repair faults gas faults

Not all repairers are the same. Unlike some repair services, Flowtech diagnose and repair your fault and do not just replace items until the problem disappears! Also we do not advocate a replacement appliance unless there is good reason to do so. However if your boiler is old or uses a permanent pilot you should consider changing it for a new condensing boiler as this will save you money on gas and help protect the environment.
The fault may lie in the heating system not the appliance and we fault diagnose and replace failed motorised valves, pumps,timeclocks, room thermostats, or any other component where required.

Annual servicing why bother?

Gas appliances need regular servicing to ensure your safety, that the appliance is operating efficiently and as a requirement of Gas regulations; which recommend a regular schedule of maintenance is carried out. Manufacturers also recommend annual servicing and often forms part of their guarantee.
Just as you would service your car and MOT it, gas appliances should also be serviced. Landlords are required to MOT (gas safety check) their appliances and installations BY LAW. It is a recommendation for home owners, remember gas appliances are inherently safe but the safety of your family and home, depend on those safety devices working correctly. Don’t put family and your safety at risk from Carbon monoxide poisoning or dangerous incidents. Ensure you regularly service your gas appliances.

Protect you and your family, whilst prolonging the life of your boiler by booking a boiler service today.

Every year people die from Carbon Monoxide poisoning caused by incorrectly installed and maintained gas appliances. Many others also suffer from ill health.

  • 50% of people don’t know what the warning signs of Carbon Monoxide are.
  • Almost 100% of people would not consider flu like symptoms to by anything else.
  • Carbon Monoxide is absorbed by the blood 240 times more easily than Oxygen

Why use Gas Safe registered engineers

Gas Safe registered engineers are the only persons legally allowed to work with gas, and service appliances.

Landlord Safety Certificates

A Landlord safety certificate is the minimum required by the Gas Regulations, however it should be pointed out that guidance to the regulations (article 219) points out that ” neither should it be assumed that carrying out annual safety checks will be sufficient to provide effective maintenance.” It should also be pointed out that manufacturers instructions are legal documents and they specify what should be adhered to, with respect to their appliance. Generally the advice states that the appliance should be serviced annually. Generally the service will cover all aspects of the safety check and therefore the certificate can be issued at nominal extra cost.The following checks will be carried out to ensure the appliance is safe to use

  • appliance operating pressure or heat input, or where necessary both
  • correct operation of safety devices
  • ensure adequate ventilation is available where required
  • visual examination of the flue system
  • where applicable, results of a flue flow test
  • where applicable, results of a spillage test
  • ensure flue termination is satisfactory
  • the appliance is safe to use