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Flowtech Heating Blog – What we are doing

We have decided to add a page where we welcome contribution from people with heating problems and we will write a little about what we are doing at the moment. If you have a problem please get in touch at info@flowtechheating.co.uk. We will do our best to advise. If you are thinking of a new heating system or boiler please contact us and we can help you make informed choices.

  • We are accredited installers for Firebird Boilers and Heat Pumps
  • We are accredited installers for Grant Boilers and Heat Pumps and Solar panels
  • We are accredited installers for Intergas Boilers
  • June 2019. We are busy servicing boilers and heat pumps. You may think that Air Source Heat Pumps don’t need servicing. They do. Evaporator fins get clogged with dirt, grease and debris. This can cause inefficient transfer of air which results in loss of efficiency. We clean the evaporator fins and if near the coast, we can apply an anti corrosion coating to help keep your heat pump working as it should. We also check strainers, magnetic filters and antifreeze levels as well as servicing your unvented hot water cylinder. This is important as there are safety devices and expansion vessels that need checking and adjusting to maintain a safe and trouble free system.
  • May 2019 – We have just finished working on a new 4 bedroom house. The house was heated by a Grant Aerona 10KW heat pump which heated a ground floor and 1st floor underfloor heating circuit. The house also had a MVHR system that we fitted. The house also had 4 bathrooms which we fitted for the customer.
  • Mar/ April 2019. We have been working on a Job in Week St Mary converting an Annex into residential accommodation.  The conversion consisted of an Intergas combination boiler feeding radiators and a single bathroom with large walk in shower.


Grant External Combination boiler recently installedIMG_0679